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About Us

Ghea Music Group was primarily founded to promote original Australian big band music and support local composers. As anyone who's bought music for their school or band before would know, most of it comes from outside of Australia. So wouldn't it be great to have access to a diverse range of original music by Australian composers that spans multiple styles and ensembles, all in one place? Our aim is to grow a catalogue of original Australian music to support local composers and the Australian music industry on the world stage.

Our catalogue now includes a wide range of musical styles, ensemble sizes and difficulty levels and with more charts added regularly, there is sure to be something for almost every band! We support Australian Composers, original music and all of our charts are professionally prepared to make rehearsals and performances as efficient as possible.

Thomas Ghea

Owner | Operator


Thomas is an accomplished composer, arranger, saxophonist, musical director, band leader and music copyist based in Adelaide, South Australia.

He began his musical journey at the age of 5 when he started learning classical piano in his hometown of Alice Springs. After picking up the saxophone as a 15 year old, he moved to Adelaide to study at the Woodville High School Special Interest Music Centre where he graduated as the Music DUX of the class of 2013 and was the recipient of The Governor's Special Interest Music Centre Award. Thomas continued his studying and playing after high school as the baritone saxophonist in the 2014 Generations in Jazz Academy Band in Mount Gambier, where he was awarded a Diploma of Music in Jazz. Following on from the Generations in Jazz Academy, Thomas was accepted into the newly established James Morrison Academy of Music in Mount Gambier where he completed his Bachelor of Music in 2016, majoring in Composition. In 2017, Thomas completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) through the James Morrison Academy, specialising in composition for large jazz ensembles.

Over his career, Thomas has had the privilege and opportunity to learn from, record with and play alongside some of Australia's premier jazz musicians including James Morrison, Mat Jodrell, Ross Irwin, David Jones, Troy Roberts, Carl Mackey and Phil Stack, as well as a number of international artists including Jeff Clayton, Ricky Woodard, Wycliff Gordon and Gordon Goodwin and his Big Phat Band. He has also been commissioned to write new music for high profile events including International Jazz Day 2017 and the 2018 Generations in Jazz Festival.

As a music copyist, Thomas is known for his high attention to detail and professionalism in the preparation of sheet music which has seen his work on music stands in front of the likes of the BBC Concert Orchestra and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, as well as big bands around the country. He is currently a music copyist and arranger member of the Music Arrangers Guild of Australia.

"Ghea Music Group is an exciting new Australian entrant to the print publishing world. As a celebrated composer and arranger himself, Thomas brings considerable expertise and experience to this demanding area. Being a 'hands-on' operator, involved in all areas of the business from initial score preparation to commercial exploitation, his meticulous work is second to none and I'm thrilled that Thomas is personally handling my music."


What We Do

The ever-expanding Ghea Music Group catalogue consists of original compositions and arrangements written by Australian composers. Our entire catalogue is available through our online store and more charts by our artists are added on a regular basis as they are prepared. We exclusively sell sheet music as downloadable PDF files so you can have your music and print it immediately!

Demo recordings for each chart can be found on the product page if there is one available. A unique feature of our online store is our product filter - you can search for sheet music by instrumentation, composer, tempo, difficulty, style, time signature, feature instrument or instrumental solo to find something that will suit your ensemble.

Click here to read more about our catalogue, how we grade our difficulty levels, how your charts are delivered and your payment options.

Have you ever been given a piece of sheet music that was not laid out correctly or logically (or at all), resulting in frustration and an increased difficulty to read it? Or have you written a new piece for a band, performance or recording session but don't have the time to prepare scores and instrumental parts? What about hand written music that would be much easier to read and look much tidier if it were digitally notated? Ghea Music Group is pleased to offer the solution to all of these issues and more with our services in sheet music preparation.

Our sheet music preparation  services include music copying and typesetting, the digitalisation of hand written music and music transposing. We have years of experience in this area which has seen our work on music stands across the world.

Click here to read more about each of our sheet music preparation services.


Commissioning a new composition is a great way to bring something new and unique to your ensemble and support Australian artists at the same time. A new commission also has the flexibility to be tailored to your specific ensemble and personnel, taking advantage of your strengths while accommodating for the areas that need support. Here at Ghea Music Group, our abilities are versatile. While we specialise in writing new music for big bands (with or without strings), large and small jazz ensembles, saxophone ensembles and brass ensembles, we can also take on projects requiring new music for concert bands and orchestras of varying sizes and instrumentation.

Some recent commissions we have taken include an original twelve-piece jazz ensemble piece premiered at the 2017 International Jazz Day Gala Concert in Adelaide and an original big band chart for the Division Three test piece at the 2018 Generations in Jazz Festival in Mount Gambier. If you would like to discuss commissioning a new piece of music for your ensemble, please get in touch with us via the "Contact" page so we can discuss your project and what you hope to get out of it.

Commissioning a new arrangement is also a great way to bring something new and unique to your ensemble and also has the flexibility to be tailored to your specific ensemble and personnel. Arrangements can be written for a range of ensembles and instrumentations. Common arrangements we are asked to write include play-on/play-off pieces for bands, jazz big band arrangements and arrangements of pop or dance music to be played by a live band at events.

Recent arrangements we have completed include a number of jazz big band charts and a full concert of electronic music arranged for a contemporary jazz ensemble. If you would like to discuss having a new piece or multiple pieces arranged for your ensemble or event, please get in touch with us via the "Contact" page so we can discuss your project and what you hope to get out of it.



Have you got a piece of music you would like to learn or perform but can't find the sheet music anywhere - if it even exists? This is where Ghea Music Group's music transcription services come in!

Transcribing is essentially notating sheet music by ear from a recording, giving you something tangible to read. Over the years we have honed our craft and are frequently asked to transcribe all sorts of music. From simple pieces like solo piano recordings and pop songs, to more complex works such as improvised jazz solos, small jazz ensemble tunes and whole big band charts - if we can hear it, we can write it down! We can then either print and bind it professionally for you or send you PDF files ready to go!

If you would like a piece of music transcribed with beautiful, neat and tidy presentation, please get in touch with us via the "Contact" page to discuss your needs.

Do you ever take your sheet music to the office shop to have it printed, only to have them not quite understand the finer points of printing music? Let us take care of it for you. We have the facility to print scores and parts in sizes up to A3 in portrait or landscape orientation, and we use up to 120gsm high quality medium weight paper stock. All scores are bound with quality plastic spiral spines (no more of those cheap and flimsy comb-style spines!) and parts are either neatly taped together or folded/bound into booklets depending on the layout of the individual part.

We realise it's very convenient these days to just print your music off at home but sometimes for special events, performances or recording sessions, it's nice for your printed music to have a higher level of quality, or for someone else to simply take care of it so you can focus on other things. The musicians who play sheet music prepared by us always comment on the high quality of the paper and effort that goes into preparing the layout of each part. You can either have us prepare and print your sheet music, or just send us your already prepared music to be printed.


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