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Here it is, the centerpiece of Ghea Music Group: our catalogue of original Australian sheet music! Click the button below to head straight to our online store and browse our available titles, or scroll down to learn more about our catalogue, difficulty grading scale, sheet music delivery details and payment options.

Our Catalogue

The ever-expanding Ghea Music Group catalogue consists of original compositions and arrangements written by Australian composers. For an up to date list of artists we currently publish, scroll down to the "GMG Artists" section on our home page. Our entire catalogue is available through our online store and more charts by our artists are added on a regular basis as they are prepared. Demo recordings for each chart can be found on the product page if there is one available. A unique feature of our online store is our product filter - for your browsing convenience, you can filter our entire catalogue to only show charts for certain ensembles, written by certain composers, with specific tempos, time signatures, difficulty levels, instrumental solos and more to help you find something that will suit your band. Go give it a try!

We are always interested in expanding our catalogue to include new Australian composers and increasing the amount of original Australian music available to the world. So if you're an Australian composer interested in joining the Ghea Music Group family and having your sheet music prepared, published and distributed by us, head over to the "Contact" page and drop us a line!

Difficulty Grades

Our difficulty grading scale ranges from 1 - 7 and takes into consideration a number of factors including tempo, style, instrument ranges, the complexity of instrumental lines, the complexity of harmony plus more to arrive at a grading level which can be used to determine the suitability of any of our charts for a particular ensemble. To put the grading system into context please see the guide definitions of each grade level below.

Grade 1 - aimed at beginner ensembles.
Grade 2 - aimed at developing beginner ensembles.
Grade 3 - aimed at intermediate ensembles.
Grade 4 - aimed at developing intermediate to advanced ensembles.
Grade 5 - aimed at developing advanced ensembles.
Grade 6 - aimed at highly proficient advanced ensembles.
Grade 7 - aimed at highly proficient professional ensembles.

Delivery Details

When you purchase a chart from our online store and your order is complete, you will receive a confirmation email which will contain your order number, order details and links to your downloadable files. Your downloadable files will also be available to you on the website under the downloads tab when logged into your account. IMPORTANT: Make sure you save your files somewhere safe because each download link is only valid for three (3) uses and will expire six (6) months after the order date. Clicking on the download link either in your email client or on the website is registered as one of your three uses whether you save the file or cancel the download.

Before your order is delivered, a copy of the files are automatically generated and watermarked with your full name and your company/organisation/school name as entered during the checkout process, as well as the date of your order and your order number - so make sure you spell everything correctly. Please note this can sometimes take a short while to process before your order is delivered. To view an example of the watermark, please click the buttons below.

Why watermark every file? That's simple. As composers, musicians and artists, our work is our livelihood - just like any other profession. Our intellectual property is what generates our income and in the modern digital world, convenience is everywhere; but it comes with risk. Illegal file sharing is an issue that the music industry has dealt with for decades and it is responsible for income loss effecting artists all over the world. To prevent the illegal redistribution of items from our catalogue, each file is watermarked with the details of the individual and/or organisation that purchased it, tying each copy of a file to that individual and/or organisation. This is simply for our piece of mind, however, we would like to believe that our fellow musicians and our customers would be willing to do the right thing and support the creative industries so we can continue to bring you new and exciting content.

Payment Options

We currently accept all payments for our services and products in our online store via PayPal. You can pay with your credit or debit card through PayPal without the need to open an account, or you can pay using your PayPal balance or bank account by logging into PayPal during the checkout process. All information sent between your computer and our website is securely encrypted, so you can be rest assured your personal information is safe.

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