Sheet Music Preparation

Have you ever been given a piece of sheet music that was not laid out correctly or logically (or at all), resulting in frustration and an increased difficulty to read it? Or have you written a new piece for a band, performance or recording session but don't have the time to prepare scores and instrumental parts? What about hand written music that would be much easier to read and look much tidier if it were digitally notated? Ghea Music Group is pleased to offer the solution to all of these issues and more with our services in sheet music preparation. Read more about each of our preparation services below and get in touch via the "Contact" page to discuss your project or get a quote.

Music Copying and Typesetting

The essence of music copying is to create high quality, correctly typeset scores and parts for a piece of music. In our extensive experience dealing with sheet music preparation, we've found that musicians are far more appreciative of music that is prepared professionally to a high standard and proofread for consistency errors, because it is simply easier to read than music which is poorly typeset. At Ghea Music Group we focus heavily on layout design to ensure that each score and part functions logically, looks professional and accommodates practical elements like page turns.

We can customise the appearance of your sheet music with a variety of layout and placement options as well as your choice of multiple music and text fonts to create a unique look if you are after something specific, or you can simply choose to use standard layout options. While we specialise in the preparation of big band and jazz sheet music, we also frequently prepare music for orchestras, solo instruments and ensembles of all sizes and instrumentation. A number of different page size options are available including standard Australian and American sizes.

All of the sheet music available through our online store has been professionally prepared by us to create a unique look for our publications and ensure consistency across the GMG catalogue. Please feel free to view our demo files below for examples of our sheet music preparation work.

Sheet Music Digitalisation

Have you got some hand written or printed music that you would like digitalised but don't have any notation software or maybe just don't have the time to manually input every note? Ghea Music Group can help. One of the things we specialise in is sheet music digitalisation - from physical scores and parts or PDF files. When digitalising hand written music, we take extra care to proofread as we go as well as upon completion to ensure every note is input correctly. We also take just as much care to typeset each score and part professionally with all of the layout and design options mentioned above.

Music Transposing

We've all had this problem: the piece you're playing is in G but you need it in A flat, or the singers range isn't suited to the arrangement so you need it transposed to a different key. We can transpose anything from a simple lead sheet to an entire arrangement or transpose an instrumental part to be played by another instrument. After we digitalise your piece, it can be transposed into any key you need it in.